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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 09:50


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I had a growth on my back, which I couldn’t remember when it started. I just didn't pay it any attention. Last year, it became a concern to me due to its size and I kept talking about my plans to get rid of it but never did.

In January, I had to travel to my work location for 2weeks and while there, the growth became suddenly painful and sore. It even began to have discharges but I decided to bear the pain until I got back home since I didn't have a medical cover for that country. 

I went to see my doctor about it after my own local method aggravated it upon my return and she insisted on a simple surgery to take the growth out. They however lied to me about the pain that would follow. Four days after the procedure, the pain was unbearable and there was no sitting or lying position that made sense. That evening, while questioning why I should be going through such pain as a child of God, I remembered Pastor Andy's message about God's presence and him saying that sometimes, all we need is to just lay still in God's presence without a word. It came to me as a revelation and I went up to my room and did just that. 

I asked God to just embrace me that moment and I imagined Him doing so. I had a prompting in my spirit to command the cells of my body to be energized and mobilized for restoration and I did so immediately. I dozed off after some minutes and when I woke up about an hour later, the torture of the pain was gone! I moved gently in order not to upset it but each position I lay was just comfortable. That was when it dawned on me that God had sped up the healing process for me.

I want to return all the praise and glory to God for His multifaceted grace upon my life and the miraculous healing. I also want to thank Pastor Andy for being a ready vessel through which God pours out into His congregation. God bless you sir.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 09:46


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Glory to God,

My friend and I travelled to Jos last week with his car, we travelled into the night and couldn't see properly. We didn't see a bad portion of the road and we went into a deep pot hole on High speed, the front rim of the car shattered, but by God's grace we were able to get the car to a stop.

In the middle of nowhere and in the dark God also sent someone to help us change the damaged tire.

As if that wasn't enough when we got to Abuja we realized that one of the rear rims of the car was also shattered, how we travelled with that car to Jos, Kaduna and back to Abuja with a broken rim still beats my imagination.

Indeed God gives his Angels charge over us. Hallelujah!

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 09:19


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Greetings church. I pastor a Church here in Abuja.  During the week of increase I could not make it to Church for all the days but came the day Pastor said God told him to distribute lands.  When he said that I quickly keyed into it and picked my phone and began putting down where I wanted landed property. Some of the places I wrote were not in Nigeria. I also believed God for a place of worship for the church, as we had to move to my house due to some issues. Some days after Pastor distributed the lands, I was praying not even about the church place of worship but believing God to get a small land in a village near my house and you know those things don’t come with real papers but I just needed a place where we could be for sometime.

So God impressed in me to call someone who was into real estate. I did and the person said they don’t have plans for places of worship in their property but he would speak with his partner and get back to me, but he didn’t.  After several attempts of calling without a favourable answer, I began to pray about the issue in agreement with my prayer partner. Four days into our prayer, I called the real estate man and he said he said he would call me back and did not until the following day. To cut the long story short, God did not give me a village land. He gave us an estate place of worship almost a thousand square metres in size, with a payment plan. Please help me thank God Almighty and help me thank Dad and Mom for allowing themselves to be used for us. (Only God can do what no man can do).

I am waiting in faith concerning the other ones I penned down knowing that they would be as easy as God did this one. The lands have already been distributed through his servant and I am taking possession of them all. Hallelujah

Bro I.E

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 09:15


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I want to thank God for the wonderful Christmas day Promotion l got last year.

2019 was indeed a great and unprecedented year for my family and I.

After I missed a long awaited promotion earlier in the year, it was quite painful considering its implication for my career growth. However, l trusted God to help me and that was what I got  - God's help!

If you understand where l work (a bank), then you would know it’s only about the numbers. After that shock promotion miss, God helped me with the numbers by favouring me before my customers.

His favour was so intense that there was no way l could miss the promotion that followed. What a time to be promoted. Right on Christmas day! It was truly my best Christmas so far as Pastor Andy declared.

I have come to return all the glory to God. He is truly faithful and dependable. Praise God!


Bro. O.C


Sunday, 30 September 2018 21:13

God Rocked My World

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On Thursday 30th August 2018, Pastor Andy was talking about our source being God and I was encouraged and challenged to allow God to rock my world.

I had made a vow during the call in church towards church planting two weeks before then and was planning to pay my pledge in instalments as I was able. However, after this meeting, I decided it was best to give God the first and the best place. I decided to pay this in one lump despite having school fees by the 8th of September. I knew I needed to pay my vows to God first before meeting my own needs.

By making the decision to pay all my vows at once meant I would not have school fees for the September 8th resumption and very little cash for anything else. By Monday, 3rd September, I was beginning to remind God that the 8th was almost here. On Wednesday, 5th September, a friend came and asked me if she could buy school provisions for my child and I was so excited because I had almost no cash left. I never mentioned anything to anyone or begged or asked any living soul for help.

Needless to say, that by Thursday 6th during service, I had to praise Him on purpose and remind myself that He is faithful.

I had someone's money with me and I had already started planning how I would 'borrow' that money but I got a text on Thursday to send the money to the owner. I found this so funny as that was my last 'bus top'.

But MY GOD, MY SOURCE! On Friday morning I got an alert from an unexpected source which means that I not only paid the fees on time, but I had extra cash again! I had some house guests that week and I wanted them to have the best stay possible. And it was possible. This is how He rocked my world!

He is too faithful and more than enough.


Monday, 30 April 2018 22:50


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Firstly, on the 28th January 2018, during the Sunday service, Pastor Andy gave a word of prophecy that we were going to receive financial miracles: including miracles that defy laws of nature, strange events in the area of finances, unexplainable monies in our bank accounts and divine favour. I immediately keyed into the prophecies.

On the 16th of February, while in the USA, I received an alert of $200 in my one of my domiciliary accounts that I had not used for a long time. I did a check, but there was no depositor.

I checked again on the 19th of April and the money was still there. The bank officials then informed me that the money was from Master Card refund. I explained that I do not have a Master Card anymore and I have not used one in more than three years. They ran my account back to 2014 and could not find where money was held back. They wanted to make further enquiries, which I declined so I can go and enjoy my money. (That’s unexplained money in my account)

Secondly, on Sunday the 4th of March, another word came for me for unexpected financial supply. I sold very well in my shop for the next two days, but from Wednesday to Friday, there were no sales. Before I left my shop in the evening on Friday, I prayed with my staff that we would sell before they closed shop. As I walked downstairs, I saw one of my customers who said that she was on her way to my shop. I quickly took her back upstairs and by the time we were through, she had spent some good money. Praise God!

Lastly, on Sunday 11th of March, which was Mother’s Day, Pastor Andy told us to expect a miracle on Wednesday by 12 pm. I again prayed expectantly as usual but nothing happened that day, in my opinion. One of my staff who had put to bed came to visit me. While the baby was lying down, she was making some squealing noise. I asked why and her mother said it was colic, but I told her not to accept it. We both prayed; she laid her hand on the baby’s stomach, I commanded every spirit behind the condition to leave and claimed peace for the baby. After our prayers, the noise reduced and the baby became quiet.

Sometime later, while I was praying, I asked God why I didn’t receive my miracle, but HE reminded me of the miraculous healing of the baby and I quickly repented. I have called the mother a few times since then and she always tells me that the baby is fine.

I want to thank God for His Word coming to pass in my life! Amen!

Ms. O. O.

Monday, 30 April 2018 22:48


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This testimony is to the glory of God, who is ever faithful to His Word!

On Saturday, 24th March 2018, which was the 3rd day of the recently concluded Ministers Conference with Brother Keith Moore, Pastor Andy took an offering for God’s servant in line with 1 Corinthians 9:11. My husband and I sowed $1,000 into the life of Bro Keith Moore who had been such a tremendous blessing to us.

Before that day, we were planning an Easter family vacation abroad and trusting God for supernatural provision. However, just as the widow of Zarephath made cake FIRST for Prophet Elijah, we sowed into the life of God’s servant FIRST and trusted God for ours. On receiving the prophet’s offering from the congregation, Brother Moore blessed the people and said that the offering will enable him go to other places to preach as well.

Immediately after the Sunday service, the next day (less than 24 hours), someone called and blessed us with $4,000! Not only was this a quick return and multiplied harvest, the seed produced after its kind and has enabled us to enjoy an Easter vacation abroad in a five-star hotel.

The Word of God works!

Mrs L.

October 2020

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