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Praise the Lord, who causes us to prosper!

2018 was an amazing year and I’m here to encourage someone with my testimony while giving God all the glory.

I started attending The Summit Bible Church in December 2017. I started around the last two weeks of 2017 to be precise. On getting to the church that first Sunday, Pastor Saliu was the one who preached the sermon. I would never forget – it was a sermon on ‘giving thanks’. He went on to say that if you are faced with a challenge (no matter the magnitude), before complaining, ‘tell God you are grateful, for you know the Lord’s name will be glorified’.  That message sounded very strange to me, but I kept an open heart.

Shortly after that, the praise team came on board and started singing. The lead singer asked us to make a loud noise if God had been good to us in 2017 and the whole hall went ecstatic. I was shocked as I didn’t believe that the whole church had it that good. I instantly became so sad, as my situation at that point was really pitiable. I was broken, rejected, jobless, penniless, and back to square zero. I couldn’t jubilate because I felt there was nothing to celebrate, other than being alive! I cried so much that day in church; I couldn’t control the tears. But after that, I felt certain calmness and I knew I had found a home church.

A few days later, I was along the Lugbe express road, coming from the airport late in the night. My car spoilt in a very dark spot and there was no mechanic around. One car stopped and warned me to leave that spot immediately as bad gangs were always around that area. As soon as the man drove off, my mind quickly reflected on what I was taught in church and I started singing praises to God and thanking Him. Lo and behold, help came speedily and I was safe.

Fast forward to 2018, it has been blessings upon blessings. From the undiluted word of God, to the crystal clear sermons, to the operations of the blessing, to the cell meetings … My life took a different turn. My joy was restored; my heart was renewed - (The song:  “I’m a new creation, I’m a brand new man” literally became my reality). Lines started falling in pleasant places; new feats were achieved, new jobs, new career paths, everything about me changed. My walk with God is at the best it has ever been. No more doubts about who I am in Christ.

Recently, I found myself dancing so much at how much God has made crooked paths straight for me. I cannot even bring myself to ask for anything else but just to say thank you to the Almighty who has made a way. Summit is a blessed church. Coming here was divine. Thank you to Pastor Andy and Ndidi for blessing us week in, week out.

I have overcome the shyness of sharing the testimonies of God’s goodness in my life. I have become radical for Jesus - no fear whatsoever of what people would say when I’m praising God in church.  Our God is still in the business of blessing His own. Let us all be encouraged.

I am glad to say that 2018 has been my best year so far. As I now know that life’s full stops are just God’s commas. It was truly the year of the FULL MEASURE.

Ms. N.

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