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Firstly, on the 28th January 2018, during the Sunday service, Pastor Andy gave a word of prophecy that we were going to receive financial miracles: including miracles that defy laws of nature, strange events in the area of finances, unexplainable monies in our bank accounts and divine favour. I immediately keyed into the prophecies.

On the 16th of February, while in the USA, I received an alert of $200 in my one of my domiciliary accounts that I had not used for a long time. I did a check, but there was no depositor.

I checked again on the 19th of April and the money was still there. The bank officials then informed me that the money was from Master Card refund. I explained that I do not have a Master Card anymore and I have not used one in more than three years. They ran my account back to 2014 and could not find where money was held back. They wanted to make further enquiries, which I declined so I can go and enjoy my money. (That’s unexplained money in my account)

Secondly, on Sunday the 4th of March, another word came for me for unexpected financial supply. I sold very well in my shop for the next two days, but from Wednesday to Friday, there were no sales. Before I left my shop in the evening on Friday, I prayed with my staff that we would sell before they closed shop. As I walked downstairs, I saw one of my customers who said that she was on her way to my shop. I quickly took her back upstairs and by the time we were through, she had spent some good money. Praise God!

Lastly, on Sunday 11th of March, which was Mother’s Day, Pastor Andy told us to expect a miracle on Wednesday by 12 pm. I again prayed expectantly as usual but nothing happened that day, in my opinion. One of my staff who had put to bed came to visit me. While the baby was lying down, she was making some squealing noise. I asked why and her mother said it was colic, but I told her not to accept it. We both prayed; she laid her hand on the baby’s stomach, I commanded every spirit behind the condition to leave and claimed peace for the baby. After our prayers, the noise reduced and the baby became quiet.

Sometime later, while I was praying, I asked God why I didn’t receive my miracle, but HE reminded me of the miraculous healing of the baby and I quickly repented. I have called the mother a few times since then and she always tells me that the baby is fine.

I want to thank God for His Word coming to pass in my life! Amen!

Ms. O. O.

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