Renew Your Mind, Prosper Your Soul

June 28:2018

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
3 John 2 (NKJV)


God’s desire for His children is that above all things, they may prosper. Prosperity means, a good journey! Unfortunately, some of God’s children are not prospering as they should because of the lack of knowledge and non-application of the word of God. Observe the above scripture: even though God’s will for His people is that they should prosper, there is a condition attached – it is ‘as your soul prospers’.

To get to the place where we prosper and are in health in much the same way our souls prosper, we need to awaken to the state of our soul! Every kind of prosperity, therefore, is directly connected to the prosperity of our soul. The prosperity of our soul is pivotal to the prosperity of every other area of our lives.

What does it mean for the soul to prosper? What should you do to ensure that it remains in a healthy state? Your soul consists of your will, intellect and emotions; it is, therefore, the centre of your decision-making process and your mind. To prosper in your soul, you must decide to and be willing to prosper in your mind, and set your affections on things above, eschewing the love of money and worldly pleasures. The progress and advancement of your prosperity are determined by your mind; therefore, align your vision with God’s because He cannot take you to where you cannot see.

Dear child of God, your imagination is actually the controlling button for your prosperity and the choice of being either rich or poor is yours to make. Make the quality decision today to prosper in your soul by renewing your mind with God’s word (Romans 12:2) and see yourself prospering in your soul, in your health and in all things.

Additional Scripture Reference(s): Hosea 4:6 John 8:32

Prayer & Confession of Faith

I rebuke every voice that has caused me to dwell on negative thoughts. I flee from sin and every appearance of evil. I commit to walking in the path of righteousness. By the grace of God, in the prosperity of my soul, my life and all that pertains to me will continually prosper.

One Year Bible Reading: James 3

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