September 08:2018

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!
Psalm 46:10 (NKJV)


How do we listen to God? We can open His word and let His Spirit bring truth to life. When we read through the scriptures, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to interpret the words for our understanding and get to know the mind of God concerning situations in our lives. We belong to Him, so we need to spend time with Him, cultivate our relationship with Him, and learn to recognize His voice when He speaks.

God speaks daily to us. Have you ever paused to reflect on a certain event where something had happened to you? When you do, it may be an avenue for God to speak and an opportunity for you to listen. God sometimes speaks to us through individuals offering divine wisdom. But He primarily speaks to us through His Spirit in us.

Have you been asking God for some things you need? That is not wrong in itself because God wants you to reach out to him always, but are you willing to listen to what He has to say to you, even if His response is not what you were expecting to hear? He will speak to you and instruct you. He will not abandon you in your time of need.

Beloved, keep listening to God, don’t stop. He will tenaciously hold you close and carry you through any situation or circumstance you find yourself in. Just listen out for His voice!

Additional Scripture Reference(s): John 8:47 Psalm 62:11

Prayer & Confession of Faith

Dear God, I am ready to listen to You. What would You have me do at this time? Are my actions in line with Your will? I draw nigh unto thee, and seek Your presence. Lord, I earnestly wait to hear from you. Amen!

One Year Bible Reading: Genesis 32

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